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Just wanted to get the wheels spinning on some possibilities for the hack sessions. It looks like we’ve got a big chunk of time plus some shorter sessions if there’s interest. I’m really in love with the idea of making something during the camp but don’t know how many people will be into that.

But what to work on… We could follow up the Omeka tutorial with some Omeka development? Build a quick and dirty mobile app? Write a twitter bot? Map some data?

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  1. ian-mason says:

    I co-presented a workshop on mobile web design (jQuery) a few weeks back. If people are interested in doing a quick and dirty mobile web app, all they need to know is a little HTML. It might fit well with your hack session idea.

  2. Matthew Butler says:

    That’s sort of what I was thinking — use Sencha Touch or something similar.

  3. I would be keen to learn from/participate in something like this!

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