New Media

I’d be interested in a ‘what is new media, and where is it going?’ discussion.

I teach in an English for New Media degree program. So, I’m trying to always stay on top of how media is changing and how our changing needs are shaping media. We often hear people talking about social media and needing ‘social media experts’, for example, and there is so much more to that set of skills than just knowing how to incorporate facebook, twitter or YouTube into our projects.

With the rise of mobile technology, apps, channels, streaming, watch instant, and the new Google Play, what should we be doing with it all? And where is the new new thing?

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About stacey.berry

I've been working in the field of Digital Humanities before it was called Digital Humanities. My research work has always been a sort of Frankenstein's-monster hybrid of traditional literary research with digital-nerd leanings--usually working on or contributing to other people's projects (such as The Walt Whitman Archive and Civil War Washington projects, both out of the CDRH @ UNL). I spend most of my time online, obsessing about text analysis and visualization techniques, and working on an edited digital edition of a novel set in South Dakota (and written by one of the first African American filmmakers in the United States). I am always trying to figure out better ways to give my students the best possible advantage(s) on their way to graduate school and in careers in libraries and, out there, in the big-bad-world. I am an assistant professor of English for New Media at Dakota State University. *protected email*