Digital Humanities and the Liberal Arts

Coming from a residential liberal arts college, I am hoping to exchange ideas with similar institutions about how the digital humanties fits within the mission and resources of a liberal arts college. 

More particularly, I’d like to talk about using digital tools to help students grow as writers and collaborate with others.  As an example, I can share a few ideas for how I’ve used Twitter, Skype, and WordPress to do a film/writing exchange project with another college.

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About bdraxler

I served as a HASTAC Scholar during my time as a graduate student in Iowa City, where I first became interested in the public digital humanities. Now, I direct an interdisciplinary writing program, where I promote civic engagement and digital humanities initiatives that focus on writing and speaking at a liberal arts college.

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  1. I’d dig this! I work with Rhetoric classes through the UI Libraries, and the opportunity to tap into digital humanities while teaching basic research skills could be really fruitful.

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